Welcome to my blog!

Hello & welcome to my blog. It feels good to be up and running with a brand new blog. I’ll be posting about things that occur in my daily life and just about anything that pops up in my mind. So stay a while and come back daily for updates. Let me know which products you might want me to try/review and I’ll do my best to keep up with the latest trends. Welcome to the fam #Mimions. I hope you enjoy the content I’ll be posting 🙂

xoxo Mimi


Social media blogger that posts about beauty, fashion, health, life, and whatever else comes to mind :) I love to try new things, so I’ll be taking you all with me on my adventures through this blog. Looking to collab with other bloggers, local, and global businesses. Let’s grow together! Welcome to the fam #Mimions
Instagram: @whatsonmimismind, https://www.instagram.com/whatsonmimismind/
YouTube channel (coming soon): WhatsOnMimisMind, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPrm7lmn_boF-Uu9QNRLV_g?view_as=subscriber
Twitter: @mimiwonggg


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