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Today I ventured to 15th & Samson in Center City Philadelphia to check out a pizza place that I’ve been hearing so much about. A few of my coworkers were raving about it, so I felt it was time to check it out for myself. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it, mind you I opted for a salad instead of a pizza, but I plan on going back again very soon to try out the rest of their menu. The salad was so good, one of the best I’ve had in a while. I liked a lot of things about this place, it was so cute and in a great location. I went right around noon so it was quite busy (something to keep in mind when you are planning a visit here). The staff was super friendly and food was served promptly, they seem to have a great system implemented. The service is so quick, it’s comparable to a chipotle-style-chain only with pizzas and salads. I think the best part about this place is that everything is customizable. The pizzas and salads are made-to-order and the ingredients are very fresh. They also have gluten free pizzas as an option!

On to what I had for lunch: I went for the SoCal salad which includes romaine, spinach, kale, chipotle corn, black beans, red onions, grape tomatoes, chicken, avocado, and chipotle vinaigrette. I also added goat cheese to mine, because I will put goat cheese on anything I possibly can. It was absolutely delicious and tasted so fresh, however, my only caveat to this would be that the SoCal salad is supposed to come with avocado, but it seems they did not have ripe avocados at the time. Unfortunately, they did not tell me this until after I ordered and paid. So as they were making it they asked if I wanted a substitute instead. I’m not going to lie, I love avocados which is one of the reasons I ordered that particular salad, so I’m was a little disappointed. Despite the missing avocado, the salad was still a hit in my book. It won’t deter me from trying this place again in the near future (just hoping they have avocados next time). So, if you’re in the area definitely go check Snap Pizza out. They have a bunch of locations in Philadelphia and one in Delaware, its worth taking a trip for.

Stay tuned for more adventures…

xoxo Mimi


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