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During my lunch I had the pleasure of trying Così catering. I had a work meeting which was catered by their 4th & Chestnut location near Jefferson University. I have been to Così on numerous occasions as a student, but this was my first experience with their catering service. A little background about così for those of you who have never been: it is a chain restaurant that features freshly made flatbreads, soups, salads, and more. It is pretty well-known for their artisan flatbread sandwiches in particular. I had a research meeting with my team at work and was pretty impressed with the spread of food when I walked into the conference room. First off, I have to say that this conference room we had our meeting in was pretty sweet as well. It was held in a large boardroom styled space, with a long (and I mean longgg) wood table, and flat screen tv’s all around which was very interesting to see because I didn’t even know it existed in my office building until today. Fun fact the conference room was called the “Historic Conference Room” (it looked historic) I’ll post some pictures below.

On to the food review, we had choices of;
-turkey light flatbread which includes: turkey & brie arugula, spicy honey mustard
-tuna flatbread which includes: tuna line caught albacore tuna, tomatoes, cheddar, così vinaigrette
-tbm flatbread which includes: tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella pesto
-chicken tbm flatbread: same as above but with chicken
-kettle chips (love me some kettle chips)
I opted for the tuna flatbread because I really love tuna. I enjoyed my sandwich a lot, however, there were definitely some mixed reviews in the room regarding the other sandwiches. A few of my coworkers that had the turkey flatbread said that the sauce of spicy honey mustard tasted similar to horseradish, and since they don’t enjoy horseradish they weren’t too fond of it and thought it ruined the sandwich a bit. I think overall everyone enjoyed the così catering though, and since my company actually gets their food catered from them quite often I’d say it’s a hit and that they’re doing something right. We also had two big bowls of salad to pick from. The dressing was delicious, and I thoroughly enjoyed the salads, especially the avocados! (if you read my blog from yesterday you’ll remember that avocado was something that was lacking from my salad at another place 😒). Back to cosī… so yea the salad was yummy; however, my one complaint about it was that is was super hard to serve using the serving utensils provided, and while the salad presentation looked and tasted nice I think the practicality of it could have been executed a little better. For instance, the salad was mixed together (which is nice so people can pick and choose what they want) BUT it just had all of the toppings laying side by side in the container which was difficult to maneuver around using the tongs provided. The salad was really good though, some of my coworkers even went up for seconds.

Lastly, we had some dessert trays and a birthday cake. Dessert included: assortment of cookies, marble pound cake (which is my favorite!), and brookies (I think that’s what you call brownie cookies, right?). Any who, the dessert to me was great because I don’t really think you can ever go wrong with sweets in my book. My work does this thing at our monthly meeting where we just get a generic open-ended birthday cake that reads “Happy Birthday” to celebrate anyone who had a birthday within that specific month. I find this tradition super cute and I mean it’s cake… so again you can’t go wrong. That’s my review of così catering, thanks for joining me on yet another food adventure.

Stay tuned for more adventures…

xoxo Mimi


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