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Happy Monday Mimions! Since its Monday and we’re all heading back to work, or school, or whatever you usually do at the start of the week, I thought why not write about coffee as I sip the coffee right next to me {insert picture of kermit the frog sipping coffee, not tea}. La Colombe has made a name for itself as a premier coffee roasting company in the US with its roasting roots beginning right here in Philadelphia. I have to say that this is honestly one of my favorite coffee places to visit not only because they have great coffee, but also because of the stunning atmosphere captured within its café walls. These guys are killing it with their coffee grind (pun intended).

I know you may be thinking that perhaps I get paid to only write good reviews about the places I feature on my blog, but I wanted to preface this by saying I usually collaborate with places I have previously tried, loved, and therefore want to share with you all. My opinions are in no way biased because of the free things I receive from companies, I just genuinely LOVE THEM. So when I partnered with La Colombe and received this package in the mail to try their Draft Latte it was hard to contain my excitement for this post.

There are currently 4 La Colombe locations in the Philly area: Fishtown, Dilworth Plaza, Rittenhouse Square, and Independence Hall. All of which have beautiful interior decor and bring a trendy, European coffee shop vibe to the city. They can also be found in Boston, Chicago, Los Angles, New York, and Washington DC.

On to the main event: my post today is featuring their new Draft Latte which now comes in original, vanilla, mocha, coconut milk, coconut milk-mocha, chai, and pumpkin spice. That’s right you can get the seasonal PSL La Colombe Draft Latte!! Check out all of the flavors here. Standing by the premise that America Needs Better Coffee, La Colombe aims to deliver with the Draft Latte. I think they are definitely succeeding because, I LOVE THESE! I absolutely love the taste of their draft lattes. As a latte person myself, it’s a perfect concoction with the smooth, creamy texture that’s not too sweet and just the perfect amount of caffeine. The can makes for a convenient on the go drink. Also, the ingredients are legit combed and vetted by the coffee connoisseur La Colombe creators. Don’t believe me? Check out how their draft lattes are made in the video: See How It’s Made. This place really knows their coffee stuff and it shows. You can find the La Colombe Draft Latte in stores near you such as Whole Foods, Wegmans, Target, CVS, Shoprite and more! It’s a must-try drink and place in Philly so go check it out.

Thanks for joining me on this coffee adventure. I hope you all stay well caffeinated 🙂

Stay tuned for more adventures…
xoxo Mimi


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