Getting Naked at Mom’s for Lunch 😮🍅

Okay, okay so the title of the blog may have been a tad misleading, but it’s completely true I did get Naked at MOM’s for lunch. Before you go jumping to conclusions, get your mind out of the gutters everyone. I wanted to write about my experience trying out “Naked Lunch” at MOM’s Organic Market. MOM’s Organic Market opened right near my work on South 11th St between Chestnut and Market Street in Philadelphia. MOM’s is a certified organic chain grocery store that has recently made its mark right here in Center City. Their products include organic produce, sustainable seafood, and all-natural remedies and cosmetics. Some of my coworkers and I got our first glimpse inside the store during their grand opening back in September. FYI: the great thing about a grand opening is that they always give away tons of free samples 😍. When we were there they gave out free organic popsicles which were delicious and super refreshing on that hot day. MOM’s is such a cute, eco-friendly, health conscious grocery store looking to help make the world a better place by providing healthier options and encouraging people to take care of each other and our planet. You can bet that basically anything and everything in this store is good for you considering that MOM’s goes to extreme lengths to make sure the products they carry are certifiably organic and non-GMO, you can check out their ingredient standards here. When you walk into the store they have huge recycling bins where you can properly dispose of pretty much anything you can think of. The aisles of this grocery store are teaming with so many natural organic products I can’t wait to try. If you’re in the Center City area go and check this place out.

Anddd while you’re there, why not grab a healthy lunch too? Naked Lunch is a cool, healthy lunch spot connected right inside of MOM’s. Here you can try some great organic meals such as “create your own veggie bowls”, black bean burger, and soups. I have tried their Moler bowl on a few occasions and even convinced some of my coworkers to try it too. The Moler bowl contains: pilaf, black beans, sweet potato, kale, mushrooms, mixed pepper, avocado, and feta, tossed with fresh herb vinaigrette. It was quite yummy and such a big portion, it’s enough to feed at least two people if you ask me. The best part of the meal for me is knowing that it comes from real sustainable foods that are good for you. Check out their full Naked Lunch menu here. Aside from Pennsylvania, they also have locations in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and New Jersey. So what are you waiting for? Go get your organic on & get Naked at MOM’s today!

Stay tuned for more adventures…
xoxo Mimi


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  1. Nice post, nice pics. Been there once so far just to check it out and only bought a six pack of beer. They had my favorite (Yard’s George Washington Tavern Porter) and the price was cheaper than Acme & Whole Foods when tax is considered. I believe I read somewhere that is their policy: to brand-for-brand beat all competitors’ prices. I’ll make sure to be hungry the next time I go there and try the food.

    • Thanks for the comment! Yes, they do have a large selection of beer and wine there. MOM’s even has beer and kombucha available on tap which you can refill your growler with. Their prices are really reasonable too! Definitely try out the food at Naked’s when you get a chance.

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