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Lately I’ve been on an organizing kick. I guess I should start out by saying that I’m not innately the most organized person on the planet. There are definitely moments where I wish I was more organized than I am (usually the moments when I misplace something and can’t find it). I’m not one of those people that think their life is in shambles when my room isn’t perfectly put together, like honestly I’m really okay with it. I’m not a neat freak, but I’m also not a slob either (oh gosh I hope not). Anyway, my point to talking about getting organized is that I find myself feeling like a fulling functioning adult when things are in a place that I can easily find and I’m not sifting through piles of clothes. I’m not going to lie to you though I am writing this post as I currently stare at a pile of clothes sitting in front of me needing to be organized. My main argument for getting organized is that it is saving me time in the long run, and time is everything these days.

My most recent project has been redecorating and organizing my home office space. If you follow me on instagram or have read my other blog posts you may have caught a glimpse of my office. What you may not have seen is the mess that occupied that same space not too long ago. When I first decorated my office I had set out to keep it clean and pristine… yea that didn’t exactly pan out the way I wanted. Between school and work and life, my desk became super cluttered to the point that I could barely see or find anything. I even had a rack of clothes in my office 🙈 and substituted the room as a changing place at one point. I like to think that the insights of Albert Einstein about a messy desk being a sign of genius are spot on 👌🏽.

Fast-forward to the present time: I did end up clearing everything off of my desk, rearranged my bookshelves, got some plants, and added some new furniture to make my office feel a little more homey. I did a few DIY IKEA pieces, but I’ll touch more on that in another post. I also cleaned my room up a little too which entailed mostly cleaning up my dog’s toys because Rupert thinks my room is really his room, which in a way I guess it is. After getting my life together through organization I’ve got to say that I’m really loving it. I feel more productive now that everything is in its place and one thing I loved about cleaning things up was giving things away. I ended up giving a ton of stuff away. My mom’s company was collecting items for the Puerto Rico hurricane relief and my family has roots in the Philippines so I boxed a lot of my old stuff up to send them to people there who need it more than I do.

For anyone that is trying to de-clutter their life I would highly suggest getting organized, I mean what’s stopping you besides that new Netflix show you’re binging right now? And while you’re on your way to being the next Martha Stewart (minus jail time) why not donate your old stuff in the process. There’s the American Red Cross, Humane Society, Animal Shelters, Food Banks, Salvation Army, and tons of other charities that collect items for donation to help those in need. I’ll leave some pictures of me getting my desk organized hopefully it’ll inspire you to do the same, you won’t regret it!

Stay tuned for more adventures…
xoxo Mimi


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