Moon Taxi Concert at TLA ✌🏽🎢

This weekend I was invited to go to Moon Taxi’s concert at Philly’s TLA . Can I just tell you how amazing they were live?! To make the concert even sweeter, Too Many Zoos opened the night and they were just as great. If you have never heard of these two bands, you’re kind of missing out on life (aka GO CHECK THEM OUT NOW). This concert, like many things in my life, was actually a spontaneous adventure. My friend got the chance to deliver &pizza to the band before the show and their band manager ended up giving us tickets to the show that night. Not only did they give us tickets, but they gave us VIP tickets for prime seating at the Theatre of Living Arts. Thank you Moon Taxi for the best view in the house for this epic concert ❀️!

Too Many Zooz got the crowd hype before Moon Taxi took to the stage. Too Many Zooz are from New York City and consist of Leo Pellegrino (baritone saxophone), Matt Doe (trumpet) and David “King of Sludge” Parks (drums). They got their start playing in the New York City subway and after seeing them live, it’s no wonder why videos of them in the subway went viral. They are an all-instrument band, and honestly that is all that’s needed in their self-defined genre “brass house.” You can check out one of their famous subway performances here or here or here. The energy of this band in absolutely infectious as well as their dance moves. To be honest, I didn’t know much about them before the night started but I left as a fan for sure.

Moon Taxi is an indie-alternative rock band from Nashville that incorporates catchy hooks and pop undertones into their music. The band consists of Trevor Terndrup (vocals, guitarist), Spencer Thomson (lead guitarist and producer), Wes Bailey (keyboardist), Tommy Putnam (bassist) and Tyler Ritter (drummer) and wow are they wildly entertaining. They bring a soulfulness to their performance which spoke to the crowd in a major way. Their hit “Two High” this year has been soaring up the charts and they made it to #26 on Billboard’s ‘Hot Rock Songs.’ The lead singer Trevor Terndrup was quoted talking about the song as being “A song about hope. Hope for understanding, hope for acceptance, and hope for our future. We were inspired by the simple and universal peace sign. It’s a gesture we would like to see more of.” ✌🏽 The peace signs were in full effect on Friday night at the TLA and we all have Moon Taxi to thank for that. I loved the energy and positive vibes that they brought to the stage. One of the people I went with to the concert had seen this band a few years back at Bonnaroo and said they’ve been a fan ever since. Their song Morocco has been stuck in my head lately, but it was until Friday night that I got to see what they were really all about. The band even got on hoverboards during their performance, yeaaa it was pretty epic. Music is something that brings people together which is why I love going to concerts so much. Moon Taxi closed the night by bringing Too Many Zooz back on stage to perform “Two High” with them and it was the perfect ending to a perfect night. Suffice it to say I will definitely be on the lookout for when these bands come back around and you should too!

Stay tuned for more adventures…
xoxo Mimi


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